March 30, 2018

In Twelve Years You Won’t Even Want to Own a Car

In Twelve Years You Won’t Even Want to Own a Car

Owning a car costs money. A lot of money.

On average, owning a car costs AUD 13,000 per family per year. When the average household income in Australia is $81,500 (before tax)¹, this represents a significant 16% of all income being spent on private transport.

The good news is that as early as 2030, shared, on-demand transportation costs are anticipated to reduce ten-fold with the introduction of autonomous vehicle technology, on-demand ride-sharing platforms and electric vehicles.

Tony Seba, Futurist at Stanford University, has spent his career studying technical disruptions throughout the centuries and has predicted that with advancements in these technologies, 95% of all transport will be autonomous, electronic vehicles that will be shared by everyone². In the not-too-distant future, transport will be booked to pick you up, wherever you are, at the touch of a button and cost you the same as a bus journey. This means that there could be 80% fewer cars on the road in only 12 years’ time because it will be so cheap to use that nobody will need to own a vehicle!

Seba is not the only one that agrees that carpooling is one of the key modes of transport in the future. Both the Infrastructure Department of Australia³ and the minister of Transport in New Zealand⁴ recognise the advances in these technologies and admit that they will be instrumental in the development of future infrastructure. (Even if they don’t really agree it will be as soon as 2030.)

However, 2030 is a long time to wait, and that means that there’s still a lot of money to be spent on getting from A to B if you live in an area where it’s hard to access public transportation. What if there was another way?

Enter: Liftango.

At Liftango, we’ve created a platform that allows its users to carpool in a safe and super convenient way. We seamlessly link you with other members of your company or university who also recognise the value of sharing their rides, saving loads of money, helping the environment and networking with the best of them.

Oh, did we mention it’s free?

Oh, did we also mention that you’ll get e-voucher rewards and guaranteed parking spaces for using it?

Liftango – we may not have autonomous electric vehicles yet, but we are sharing the mobility revolution with your employers and universities.


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