Feb 27, 2020

Liftango and Connect Macquarie Park Launch Cohop at Macquarie University

Find out how Connect Macquarie Park and Macquarie University are providing better commute options for students.

Liftango and Connect Macquarie Park Launch Cohop at Macquarie University

Liftango, with Connect Macquarie Park & North Ryde, is proud to announce the launch of a new way to carpool to campus at Macquarie University.

Cohop is an app created by Liftango for commuters to share their journeys at Connect member workplaces, including Optus, Foxtel and Novartis.

Macquarie University’s 40,000 students, can now join the club with access to discounted parking for carpoolers thanks to a smart parking integration with Smarter City Solutions (formerly CelloPark) and  Liftango.

“Working with Macquarie University and other leading employers, our aim is to cut congestion in Macquarie Park. Students can play a significant role in this, which is why we're excited to bring the Cohop app to campus, powered by Liftango,” said Mark Ames, General Manager Connect Macquarie Park & North Ryde.

“We're matching students who are going the same way and rewarding them with discounted parking when they do the right thing. It’s free and easy to use"

Students who use the Cohop app to carpool to campus receive an automatic 25% discount on parking.

Carpooling Paves the Way for Universities

Macquarie University joins a long list of institutions using Liftango technology on campus, including Monash University, Newcastle University, University of British Columbia (Canada)  and Simon Fraser University (Canada) among many others. To meet Connect’s needs, Liftango built an integration with a smart parking provider, trusted partner, Smarter City Solutions. This is becoming a common occurrence for universities and organisations. Being able to respond quickly to integration requests enables smart mobility providers like Smarter City Solutions and Liftango to provide premium & bespoke solutions for their clients.

How Does it Work?

By validating users through an approved email domain, students can access an exclusive and trusted carpool network. Further validation of occupancy and smart parking integration enables automatic parking discounts for students at the end of their journey together.

For Macquarie University students interested in knowing more:

About On Demand Transport

As an emerging transportation mode, on demand transport (ODT) spans both public and private application. Providing commuters with convenient, flexible transport options, ODT encourages a reduction of single occupancy vehicle use. Using smartphone technology, the balance of power can now shift back in favour of the passenger, allowing them to schedule a pick where and when they want. Allowing for easy & reliable connection to high-frequency, mass-transit networks, on demand transport can extend the public transit coverage and increase utilisation of valuable infrastructure. For more information on our latest on demand public transport service, Sports Hopper click here.

About Carpooling

We believe by increasing the number of shared trips an employee takes to work, organisations are able to increase retention, improve parking challenges and minimise the cost of lost productivity caused by traffic congestion. For more information on how shared mobility can support your organisation read our Six Emerging Trends for Transport Infratech.

About Liftango

We believe in unlocking the possibilities of a world without traffic. By creating transport technology that incentivises shared trips, we are creating a compelling experience for commuters, that inspires change and reinvents the way people travel. Read more.

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