July 22, 2019

Liftango Offers Free Parking for Monash University

Leveraging parking incentives to encourage carpooling.

Liftango Offers Free Parking for Monash University

Liftango is proud to announce its newest carpool client, Monash University. Liftango's carpooling application will be available for the Clayton Campus, Caulfield Campus and the Peninsula Campus.

"It was a great experience working alongside the team at Monash to create a unique solution for parking congestion on campus," commented Trystan Eeles, COO and Co-Founder at Liftango.

By combining both carpooling and smart parking, Liftango provides the students of Monash University a unique offering to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on campus.

"Monash University and Liftango have been working together closely to ensure the creation of a seamless carpooling experience for both students and staff," added Mr. Eeles

Congestion is a seemingly prevalent issue in universities, and it isn't going away easily. By carpooling, universities have seen cars on campus decrease, improved access to parking, and a reduction in Co2 emissions.

A New Incentive for Carpooling

In the past, Liftango has seen carpooling successful by incentivising users with guaranteed or discounted parking. As a first, Monash is providing FREE Parking for users of Liftango. This will encourage a higher uptake of users during the initial launch in semester 2.

How Does it Work?

By using a Monash email address, students and staff can create both a Liftango and PaybyPhone account. By using a Monash email address, carpooling is within a trusted Monash network of students and staff.

For more information for carpooling at Monash University click here.


About On Demand Transport

As an emerging transportation mode, on demand transport (ODT) spans both public and private application. Providing commuters with convenient, flexible transport options, ODT encourages a reduction of single occupancy vehicle use. Using smartphone technology, the balance of power can now shift back in favour of the passenger, allowing them to schedule a pick where and when they want. Allowing for easy & reliable connection to high-frequency, mass-transit networks, on demand transport can extend the public transit coverage and increase utilisation of valuable infrastructure. For more information on our latest on demand public transport service, Sports Hopper click here.

About Carpooling

We believe by increasing the number of shared trips an employee takes to work, organisations are able to increase retention, improve parking challenges and minimise the cost of lost productivity caused by traffic congestion. For more information on how shared mobility can support your organisation read our Six Emerging Trends for Transport Infratech.

About Liftango

We believe in unlocking the possibilities of a world without traffic. By creating transport technology that incentivises shared trips, we are creating a compelling experience for commuters, that inspires change and reinvents the way people travel. Read more.

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