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Woolworths Group - Australia's Largest Retailer Excels in Carpooling

How a structured approach for marketing a carpool program proves successful.

May 18, 2020
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Brittany D
Woolworths Group - Australia's Largest Retailer Excels in Carpooling

At a glance.

In Bella Vista lies the Woolworths Group head office, home to Australian household brands such as Woolworths, Big W, and Dan Murphys. Woolworths Group was suffering from chronic parking overflow. Initially, they modelled the outcome of building more infrastructure for parking. 6500 staff members commuting everyday, put them in the same parking conundrum. This led them to look at a more sustainable and effective way to reduce the reliance of parking. Liftango was engaged because our ability to help create an easier more sustainable commute. Helping Woolworths Group achieve their goal of reducing carbon emissions by 10%(Woolworths Sustainability Report 2019).

A strong marketing effort, custom rewards and guaranteed car parks resulted in over 2500 trips averaging a month.

The Problem.

Woolworths Group head office had severe parking congestion. With parking under huge strain,every morning and afternoon and resulted in having to rely on parking valet staff to double park cars in, which was a costly and time consuming effort. Competing for a car space, was not a feasible way to continue.

The Solution.

Liftango provided Woolworths Group with a solution that entailed the following:

• An exclusive “Team Ride” branded app

• Carpooling program to reduce the amount of parking congestion

• 52 guaranteed car spaces to users

• A custom rewards program for frequent users

• Step-by-step support for marketing the service

• Live reporting dashboard

The Results.

Woolworths Group had an incredible initial uptake, resulting in 6607 cars being taken off the road in the first three months. With regular marketing and the custom rewards program, Woolworths sustained 2500 trips per month and saved approximately 16000kg of CO2 to date.


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