Create a safer return to work with Liftango

Liftango’s Transport Platform has a multipronged approach to the safety and optimisation of your transport network using the following features:

COVID-19 Safe Commute Simulations

Simulate real-world outcomes and cover multiple scenarios to de-risk your return to work strategy. Anonymised data on passengers (i.e workplace, risk profiles) is collected. This results in the most appropriate transport solution to ensure COVID-19 safe commuting, vehicle routings, service metrics and the costs associated.

Transit Tracker

The Liftango Transit Tracking platform can offer this ability to Public Transport Operators as a simple, low-cost and quick-to-deploy option in order to track real-time occupancy and display occupancy rates of buses and prospective passengers.

COVID-19 Safe Carpooling

Liftango Carpooling platform with inbuilt contact tracing provides a transport option for employees to share commutes to/from work. This enables those without their own cars to still get to/from work in a climate-positive manner, by sharing with those who must drive.

Safe Seating with Demand Responsive Shuttles

This enables organisations to very efficiently transport employees to/from work in a fleet of dynamically-routed shuttle buses, minimising the risk of infection compared to alternative modes of transportation.

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