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Corporate Transport & Impact

This white paper explores the benefits of deploying a sustainable corporate transport solution to an organisation and their employees, and discusses the merits of the different solutions available. We delve into effective Scope 3 reduction solutions, incentivisation, and key points to consider when it comes to building an effective employee transport solution.

In this whitepaper you'll learn:

  • Why corporate transport is vital for employee retention, attraction and productivity, alongside duty of care and environmental impact

  • How market forces are aligning to allow employers to more effectively understand the opportunities for transport intervention, implement suitable solutions and accurately measure and report on impact

  • The individual benefits of carpool programs, campus-based fixed routes and on-demand transport solutions to different types of organisations

  • Detailed case studies of a variety of existing employee transport solutions across the globe

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Who's this for?

Anyone wanting to introduce a corporate transport service or improve their employee commutes. Whether you’re a Site Manager wanting to improve business park services, a Head Of Sustainability wanting to reduce Scope 3 emissions or a HR Manager wanting to increase employee engagement or attract more talent through better commutes.

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What's inside?

Here at Liftango, we are motivated to shake up current operations in the corporate transport sector. This white paper helps educate on the importance of improving commutes for employees and creating practical transport solutions for organisations, including how to design sustainable, efficient and shared transport services.

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