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How do we make
our bus services

Assessing the potential for Demand Responsive Transit (DRT) to address mobility justice for people with mobility challenges, and help make services inclusive, fair and accessible for all.

In this whitepaper you'll learn:

  • What mobility justice is, and how mobility inequality relates to our current transport systems

  • How new modes of transport can remove barriers faced by people with mobility challenges

  • In-depth case studies showing the impact of demand-responsive transport in our communities

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Who's this for?

Anyone who wants to make their transport services more accessible for those that use it. Whether you’re part of a city or local authority that wants to better understand mobility injustice, or an operator or a workplace looking at ways to make your transport services more inclusive.

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What's inside?

We are motivated to shake up the current operations of the Public Transport sector, and we believe bus services can become more accessible by aligning with passenger needs and working closer with technology that’s already available. This whitepaper delves deeper into this issue to uncover more on what can be done.

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