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November 29, 2023

A Triple Award Win For Liftango!

Liftango is thrilled to have won three awards this month: the CiTTi Public Transport Award, plus the BVCA Vision Scottish and National Awards.

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Liftango is thrilled to have won three awards this month: the CiTTi Public Transport Award, plus the BVCA Vision Scottish and National Awards. This is testament to the fantastic work that the Liftango team and our network of service partners are doing across the globe to unlock the power of good through shared transport. 

CiTTi Public Transport Award

Liftango won this year’s Public Transport Award with Warwickshire County Council for our IndieGo+ project. 

This is amazing recognition for IndieGo+, which is increasing access to public bus through through demand-responsive services for rural villages in Hatton and West Warwick, UK. We're delighted with the success and growth of this project, and bookings are continuing to increase by 25% each month. Find out more about this successful UK-based project here.

Congratulations to our team and to the team at Warwickshire County Council for making this happen, and to all the other CiTTi Award winners!

BVCA Awards

This award recognises the best teams backed by private equity and venture capital, taking into account growth, competitiveness, innovation, ESG and the challenges of the year, with a focus on the future and the sustainability of the business as well as past performance. Liftango was awarded both the Scottish Vision Award and the National Vision Award at this year’s event, with particular praise for our high scores on ESG and unique business offering.

We're incredibly happy to be recognised at this level, as a direct result of our commitment to sustainable innovation across the globe as well as our entire team's dedication to continual growth. Thank you also to all of our supportive investors, in particular Maven for putting our name forward for this award.

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