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March 3, 2022

Fifth Anniversary with the University of Newcastle

For our fifth anniversary with the University of Newcastle, Liftango would like to thank the university for their ongoing partnership.

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For our fifth anniversary with the University of Newcastle, Liftango would like to thank the university for their ongoing partnership.

UoN is Liftango’s first client, and is continuing to successfully use our Climate-Positive Carpool solution to overcome the challenges of congested parking on campus, whilst providing a sustainable transport option for over 35,000 students and staff.

Utilising the power of parking as an incentive, user uptake increased by 38% after parking incentives were implemented. Liftango has activated across three of their campuses, and continuing to modernise the product for its users:

  • Parking-space perks for carpoolers
  • Activated across three campuses: Callagan, Orimbah and Newcastle City
  • Implemented multiple car parks across the main campus, Callagan
  • Ongoing promotion of the carpool app each semester

Since then, and despite the challenges of COVID-19, our carpooling solution has seen tremendous growth, globally, as many more universities and companies jump on board to reap the benefits from uncongested parking infrastructure, and provide an accessible and eco-friendly transport option to its students and staff.

We are thankful for our successful and ongoing partnership with the University of Newcastle. Our initial project with them has set us on a road activating sustainable carpool solutions around the world.


To learn more about Climate-Positive Carpool, speak to one of our mobility specialists today.

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Amir Lopez


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