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May 3, 2023

Liftango announces major new product features and enhancements in “Cabeceo” product release

Liftango are delighted to announce a major new product release “Cabeceo” for its Carpool, On Demand and Fixed Routes Apps.

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Edinburgh, UK, 3rd May 2023 - Liftango are delighted to announce a major new product release “Cabeceo” for its Carpool, On Demand and Fixed Routes Apps. As well as innovative new features, the new release also includes several security and performance enhancements for users. Cabeceo is the culmination of work over the last few months within the product, platform and customer engineering teams at Liftango.

The newest feature for the Liftango Carpool App is “Named Companions” which enables users to name a companion(s) from their network for a ride request.  This is particularly important for networks who offer rewards as it allows credit to be given to the additional companion(s) riding in that trip.  In addition, it is now possible to configure a window in the Carpool App to determine when a ride must be completed.  This ensures that rides must be completed within a defined time and prevents a user from tagging a future ride as complete prematurely, to prevent any potential misuse of the rewards system.  

The Liftango On Demand product has been improved to provide users with the ability to update all types of accessibility requirements on their profile, not just wheelchair access.  This information is passed onto the On Demand driver on their stop pickup screen to help them know, in advance, the level of assistance a passenger needs e.g. mobility issues, audio and learning difficulties and/or visual impairments etc.  

Enhancements to the Fixed Route Operations Portal include the ability for routes to be created, edited and different versions of routes can be viewed.  The Fixed Route Passenger app now allows routes to be filtered for easier visibility and allows users to track vehicle direction and displays the shuttle details. Another useful feature in this release is an update to the route list to an improved swipe-up card component.

In light of the growing Global Liftango customer base, this release adds the availability of the Apps in a further three languages; Spanish, Bulgarian and Portuguese (European and Brazilian) in addition to the existing list of ten languages.  There have been further UI, parking and payments improvements as well as QA upgrades and bug fixes.  For a full overview of what is included in this release please contact us here. 

Liftango CTO, David Butler, “I’m really proud of what the team has achieved in this release with some exciting new features for customers and users of our Apps. What’s more, many features we’ve introduced in this release, also provide the foundation for even more improvements in our next major product release in October.”

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Liftango offers a route to a sustainable and climate-positive future by advising cities, organisations, and fleet operators on how to plan, launch and scale their shared mobility programs. Through a single technological platform, we improve organisations’ ability to monitor and optimise vehicle movements in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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