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January 26, 2020

Liftango Tackling UWA’s Parking Problems

UWA launches with new carpooling technology.

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Amongst a flurry of launches in February, Liftango’s most recent deployment ventures West. Partnering with the University of Western Australia. Liftango is excited to work alongside its newest client.

Located on UWA’s Crawley Campus, the university will provide students and staff with guaranteed spaces to those who carpool into the university.

Why guaranteed spaces?

The main problem is the overcrowding of carparks. Unnecessary parking congestion taking a toll on students resulting in a decline of on-time attendance. It was no question that the app would be open to not just students, but also the staff of the university. As the university aims to provide more transport options, they chose Liftango due to their ability to create a trusted and exclusive network for the staff and students of UWA.

“We have seen a trend with universities that have rising concerns of overcrowding carparks and transport access for their students and staff...both Liftango and UWA place importance on solving these problems whilst aiming for a smart yet sustainable outcome,” says COO Trystan Eeles.

Co-creating a Sustainable Future

It was a simple choice to forge the partnership between UWA and Liftango. UWA understands what their students, staff and campus need, and Liftango was able to provide the technology platform to co-create a localised solution. This collaboration will produce a carpooling solution capable of adapting to the requirements of the campus.  Together the result was a carpooling App that provided guaranteed parking for students, as this was a high pain point for them, whilst also rewarding them for their behaviour with petrol vouchers.

How Does it Work?

Liftango uses approved email domains or optional SSO security protocols to create an exclusive or ‘Trusted Network’. This assures only verified users can access the carpooling network and creates confidence within the co-branded University Carpooling Service.

If you want to know more about co-creating a Trusted Carpooling Network for your organisation, feel free to talk to a mobility specialist today.

About Carpooling

We believe by increasing the number of shared trips an employee takes to work, organisations are able to increase retention, improve parking challenges and minimise the cost of lost productivity caused by traffic congestion.

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