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Improving Rural Mobility with Demand-Responsive Transport

Understand how data-driven service design makes identifying and launching Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) easier than ever.

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Learn from panel members as they discuss the challenges and successes of implementing JustGo North Lincs, a rural Demand-Responsive Transport service connecting the sparsely populated communities across North Lincolnshire, UK. Hear from the team at East Yorkshire, part of The Go-Ahead Group, one of the largest Fleet Operators in the UK and Liftango, a transport technology company specialising in Demand-Responsive and sustainable transport solutions.

Kevin Orr - CEO and Co-Founder, Liftango
Ben Gilligan - Area Director at East Yorkshire, part of The Go-Ahead Group
Rhys Plater - Marketing Officer at East Yorkshire, part of The Go-Ahead Group
David Mawhinney - Head of Liftango UK

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