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If it’s got more than one seat—it can be shared!
Take a journey with us to discover how to leverage the power of ridesharing and provide sustainable and economic advantages for cities, transit agencies and organisations.

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This means passengers have the opportunity to book and commute in a shared, convenient and cost-effective way with other passengers who are taking a similar journey.

The difference:

Ridesharing is here to help minimise your carbon footprint, optimise parking and connect commuters to vital services in a cost effective way. If it has a spare seat, then it can be shared!

“Parking capacity is a huge problem. By co-creating efficient rideshare solutions, we enable organisations to reinvent how they use existing space turning those savings into opportunities for growth.

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What our Customers say

The Liftango Team is a delight to partner with. The team are approachable, hardworking and have a real passion for what they do. They have supported us through the transition from permit based parking to virtual carpool parking!

Reeta Lad, Parking & Traffic Manager
Monash University

You’re in good company.

Join the many organisations leveraging the power of shared mobility.

Leveraging One of Mobility's Best Solutions for Business—Will Ridesharing Work For You?

Do you have parking pressure?

Do you have staff with painful commutes?

Are you conscious about reducing the environmental impact of your vehicles?

Do you want to reduce the cost of the daily commute?

If you answered yes to any of these questions—you have the right conditions to create a successful ridesharing program!