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What is On-Demand Transport?

This article will explain the pros and cons and provide the information you need to launch your on-demand service.


Introduction to on-demand transport.

Passengers want the flexibility to schedule transport around their schedule. We live in a world of convenience. Why should transport be different? Book any time, and get picked up anywhere within a defined service zone. On-demand transport makes trip planning easier by breaking with tradition and routing vehicles around the passengers schedule.

Many names, many service types.

There are many forms and names for on-demand transport; microtransit, demand-responsive transport, on-demand public transport, dial-a-ride services, paratransit services, community transport, non-emergency medical transport, ride-hailing services and ridesharing.

On-demand shared transport.

Typically on-demand or microtransit services come in the form of bus apps that enable the passenger to schedule and route a bus, shuttle or car to pick them up and drop them off at specific locations. This is different to traditional ride-hail or taxi services. This type of on-demand is more sustainable and has a greater ability to service multiple passengers at the same time.

Why use algorithms to run buses?

Demand planning is challenging and ever-changing. Millions of complex calculations can be made in seconds constantly adapting to the requirements of your fleet and your passengers.

Don’t be fooled, it’s harder than just good marketing!

There’ too many buzzwords getting flashed around. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. What rubbish! When it comes down to it, picking up a passenger within the timeframe they request, is the only metric that matters to passengers. Getting that experience right is crucial. In our experience, the worst thing for passengers is getting a pickup confirmation then minutes before the pickup is due, the app tells them their bus is no longer available. This only causes delays and frustrations.

What to look for.

At the end of the day, you want a service that will cost less when compared to a fixed route option and will service more passengers. Can the partner you choose simulate the proposed service? Can they put service conditions under stress? Don’t simulate a service with some outdated technology. Use the same platform that runs the service. And confidently assess the viability at a much lower cost.

How to get started.

Firstly, identify the problem you face. It may be poor parking options, under-serviced suburbs or limited connections to mass transit. Whatever it may be, this will help define the right service model you need. From here you can engage a solutions partner to help with feasibility studies and ensure the service design fits the demand.


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Marketing and launching a service.

It was said before, “If you build it, they will come.” Garbage! Make sure you understand how to market and launch your new service. In today’s world of oversaturated messaging, you need to have cut-through. At Liftango we have helped produce turnkey online and offline marketing strategies to support various service deployments.

Monitor and adapt the service.

Any reputable on-demand platform will come with a full suite of operational capabilities. By giving the client appropriate training and the capabilities to modify their service, you can ensure your service adapts to the changing requirements of your passengers.

Final thoughts...

On-demand transport has been around for a while now. True, dynamic on-demand shared transport has not! Find a partner that is capable and can design a service around your requirements. Don’t be fooled by buzzwords and fancy graphics. Understand exactly how it will improve your passengers experience and how it will enable you to serve more people.

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