December 6, 2019

Vice President Jacob Grieg, Solving Mobility Challenges in North America.

Vice President Jacob Grieg, Solving Mobility Challenges in North America.

Liftango has made the move to the North American market, with the appointment of former PwC consultant Jacob Greig. Offices in the US and Canadian west coast have opened, with services launching in Vancouver, Toronto and across the US.

After closing the latest funding round led by Transdev Australasia, Liftango is now well-positioned to strengthen its stance in North America.

Jacob brings over a decade of experience in supporting transport organisations globally as as business consultant with PwC, having worked for the past 3 years in the US after terms in the UK and Australia.

“We have had interest from the US market for a number of years and are now hoping to see the rapid expansion of the Liftango platform across North America. America and Australia share the same cultural and structural attachment to cars, and thus we see a huge need for technology that can accelerate the shift to shared mobility. Our technology is unique in that it enables both dynamic carpooling and on-demand transit from a single platform. We are excited about the impact we can have on communities across North America."

Jacob will be focusing on working with organisations and communities that have a need to shift commuter behaviour towards shared mobility choices. Previously, Liftango has had major successes working closely with TfNSW, world's largest multi-site state-wide trial led by a DOT (Department of Transport), the largest business park in the southern hemisphere, and also the largest university in Australia.

“The current mobility challenge is that of connection; connecting people to the places they need to go without simply driving on their own is critical to the future success of our communities. Liftango’s vision is that through our technology, people start reaching for their phone to connect instead of their car keys.”

If you are looking for new ways to enhance the use of shared mobility in your community or organisation, please reach out to Jacob at

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