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April 27, 2020

On-Demand Service “Coast Connect” Adapts to COVID-19

During COVID-19 self-isolation, adapting the on-demand bus service for Woy Woy residents ensured they could still safely access essential services.

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During the uncertainty of self-isolation during COVID-19, the residents of Woy Woy can now have one less worry, when trying to access essential services.

On-Demand Bus Trial “Coast Connect” was implemented in the city of Woy Woy in 2018 to provide the residents with an alternative mode of transport between their homes, and central commuting hubs like the Woy Woy Train Station, and Ettalong Ferry Wharf. The service costs the same as public transport and relieves the congestion and the stress of finding a park around these commuter hubs between peak hours.

With the current landscape of COVID-19 and new social distancing rules, catching public transport or driving to and from essential services like doctors appointments, grocery shops and pharmacies is not as simple as it once was. TfNSW and Liftango stepped in swiftly, to adapt the On-Demand service to temporarily assist those who need it the most.

In under 48 hours, Liftango turned around a product that:

  • Serviced more of Woy Woy
  • Added Deepwater Plaza to their Hubs
  • Added Umina Shopping Centre to their Hubs
  • Altered our algorithm to safely spread passengers across the buses to adheres to social distancing rules 

Liftango is proud to have technology that is adaptable and can evolve a service to optimise and help in the current climate. If you would like to speak to a team member to understand more about what Liftango is doing during COVID-19, and how it can help you.

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