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Transport Infratech.

Enabling developers of our built environment to reduce costs whilst adopting sustainable outcomes.

Digitising the built environment.

We challenge the requirement for parking within the built environment. By incorporating shared mobility strategies, we help global organisations unlock savings tied up in unnecessary car park construction.


What is Infratech?

Infratech is defined as the integration of digital technologies with physical infrastructure.

What is Transport Infratech?

Any digital technology that provides savings within the traditional construction and utilisation phases of a built environment asset.

Why does Transport Infratech matter?

The cost of our built environment is excessive.

We developed multiple shared mobility platforms to reduce the space needed for parking.

This enables developers of our built environment to reduce costs whilst adopting sustainable outcomes.

Allowing organisations to turn the value we provide  into a climate-positive pathway for sustainable development.

The transport landscape is said to be Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electrified (C.A.S.E.).

We believe this ‘Shared’ component will play a critical role. Not only in providing more sustainable modes of transport or better use of existing assets, but to help challenge current construction methods and car park ratios—resulting in significant savings in construction costs.

Shared mobility will provide a pathway to unlock the wasted space in our vehicles, which in turn, will result in more sustainable behaviour and less requirement on existing and congested infrastructure.

The net benefit will be organisations that are conscious of the economic and societal cost of the space they require, better access to jobs and opportunity and a sustainable outlook for future urbanisation.

“Projected global GDP growth will require an estimated $57 trillion in infrastructure investment between now and 2030”

- McKinsey Global Institute

Build better, not bigger.

By exploring new technology partnerships, organisations have the opportunity to save trillions through productivity boosting initiatives.

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