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October 31, 2023

11 Reasons Why Bus Drivers Love Liftango

The Liftango platform for demand responsive & fixed route transport is designed in close collaboration with drivers - we look at why bus drivers love Liftango!

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Attracting and retaining bus drivers is an increasingly difficult issue for bus operators. However, having the right technology to make their job easier, can form part of a successful strategy for bus operators to secure reliable bus drivers.

The Liftango platform for demand responsive and fixed route transport is designed from the ground up in close collaboration with bus drivers. This has ensured our technology not only works for operators and passengers but makes the lives of drivers much easier through the most intuitive and simple to use app. 

Features drivers particularly love about the Liftango app include:

  • The ability to start a shift in one click from any mobile enabled device plus only one swipe required to end their shift too.
  • Accurate navigation including real-time traffic updates with dynamic rerouting based on road closures, incidents or other disruptions plus voice commands and estimated time of arrival with easy navigation to next pick up or drop off points.
  • Passenger information clearly displayed including concessions, accessibility, payment status and profile image.
  • Simple passenger confirmation and verification onboarding process.
  • Clear instructions for no-shows with the ability to contact passengers to find out if they still intend to travel.
  • Prompts for next locations pick up or drop off points.
  • Bus arrival trigger notifications to waiting passengers.
  • Simple drop off confirmation process for disembarking passengers.
  • Guidance to suitable locations for scheduled breaks.
  • The ability to send reports back to their operations team for incidents, lateness, breakdowns, meeting point problems or other such issues.
  • Communication interface with passengers with ability to contact customers by text or phone if necessary.

All in all the Liftango platform is extremely slick and easy to use for drivers, helping them carry out their duties safely, efficiently and effectively. It’s no wonder bus drivers love it! This can only help bus operators recruit and retain the best drivers. Feel free to reach out to a mobility strategist if you'd like to discuss your particular requirements in more detail.

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Want to dive deeper?

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