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June 19, 2020

Creating a Safe Return to Work

Maintain social distancing with seat booking functions and capacity management.

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Our aim is to create a safe return to work, for passengers, whilst providing a simple implementation for transport Agencies and public transport networks. It is important to encourage the use of public transport in a controlled and safe manner. 

Many of our industries have a significant proportion of employees who do not have access to private vehicles and traditionally rely on Public Transport to get to work.

Our goal is to ensure passengers can confidently use more sustainable modes of transport. We provide the ability to implement social distancing requirements and in the case of infection - be able to track and trace all users of that service.

Liftango’s Transport Platform has a multi-pronged approach to the safety and optimisation of your transport network using the following features:

Transit Tracker - The Liftango Transit Tracking platform can offer this ability to Public Transport Operators as a simple, low-cost and quick-to-deploy option in order to track real-time occupancy and display occupancy rates of buses and prospective passengers.

COVID-19 Safe Commute Simulations - Simulate real-world outcomes and cover multiple scenarios to de-risk your return to work strategy. Anonymised data on passengers (i.e workplace, risk profiles) is collected. This results in the most appropriate transport solution to ensure COVID-19 safe commuting, vehicle routings, service metrics and the costs associated.

COVID-19 Safe Carpooling - Liftango Carpooling platform with inbuilt contact tracing provides a transport option for employees to share commutes to/from work. This enables those without their own cars to still get to/from work in a climate-positive manner, by sharing with those who must drive.

Safe Seating with Demand-Responsive Shuttles - This enables organisations to very efficiently transport employees to/from work in a fleet of dynamically-routed shuttle buses, minimising the risk of infection compared to alternative modes of transportation.

We provide our partners a platform for their employees to confidently use sustainable transportation modes by extending the safe working environment with smaller commute cohorts and inbuilt contact tracing.

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