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Data-Driven Service Design for Demand-Responsive Transport

New Zealand fleet operators in the public and community transport sectors share how they're applying data and DRT technology to service their passengers.

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Hear how New Zealand fleet operators in the Public and Community Transport sectors are applying a data-driven approach to enhance their offering and apply demand-responsive transport (DRT) technology to serve their passengers. This webinar is hosted by ITS NZ.

Key learnings:
- DRT helps reduce transport inequity
- DRT integration with existing services is the favourable approach
- Data is the lifeblood of DRT, as it identifies opportunities for DRT application, clarifies any assumptions pre-launch, and feeds ongoing performance management

Helen Fitt – Postdoctoral Fellow at Lincoln University & Board Member at ITS NZ

Michael Weyna – Senior Planner, On-Demand at Auckland Transport
Troy O’Dea – Operations Manager at Howick and Eastern Buses / Transdev Australasia
Rachel Hopkins – Head of Living Well Communities at Arvida Group
Trystan Eeles – COO and Co-Founder of Liftango

About ITS NZ:
Intelligent Transportation Systems New Zealand (ITS NZ) provides leadership in the promotion, development and facilitation of ITS in New Zealand to achieve a sustainable, effective, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation system. To find more information, visit

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