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Smart Cities
February 13, 2024

Enabling sustainable and cost-effective transportation in the Middle East

As populations in the Middle East continue to surge, infrastructure and transport networks are continuing to adapt. We explore suitable transport solutions.

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As populations in the Middle East continue to surge, infrastructure and transport networks are continuing to adapt. Dubai in particular, the fastest growing city of the past half century, is making changes to support the greater demand on its roads as rapid growth continues post-pandemic. 

Well-managed transport systems are imperative for a growing modern city. Dubai is planning to switch to net-zero emission public transport by 2050 and the emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority is launching a transformative phase of travel networks around the city. 

The Roads and Transport Authority also recently announced the instalment of two more Salik toll gates, bringing the total number of toll gates in the area to 10, as part of their strategy to better manage traffic distribution and reduce congestion. Whilst this is meant to encourage motorists to use alternative, toll-free routes with greater capacity, it’s also putting additional pressure on employers and taxi drivers as fare and salary increases are being called for to cope with expected additional expenses. 

This creates an urgency for transport agencies and employers to introduce better transport solutions to improve commuter access. Whilst there are calls for more charging stations and access to last-mile solutions such as electric bikes and scooters, there is a need for a much wider modal shift for effective and successful future road networks in Dubai. 

Cost-effective Carpooling

One solution is incentivising a carpool model to improve employee transport across the city. By sharing a journey to work, not only are congestion levels lowered but fuel and toll fares can be split and reduced, ultimately creating a more climate-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation.

Liftango’s carpool technology is already trusted by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies across the globe, enabling thousands of shared, sustainable trips each day. Find out more here.

Bus On Demand transportation 

Another popular solution is introducing sustainable on-demand shuttle services for the public or for private closed networks such as workplaces, operated on a demand-responsive basis for ultimate efficiency and convenience for both employees and citizens. 

Liftango’s technology platform allows employers, fleet operators and transport agencies to serve more passengers through on-demand, automated scheduling and routing. Find out more here.

Liftango in the MENA region

Liftango has been guiding global organisations on how to plan, launch and scale their shared mobility programs since 2017, providing a pathway to a more sustainable future.

2024 is an exciting year for Liftango in the MENA region. With a number of key launches being prepared for staff transportation, carpool and bus on-demand projects. These projects are targeting operator cost-savings through effective service optimisation as well as protecting customer experience, ultimately enabling transport services that are affordable, convenient and that have a genuinely positive impact on sustainability.

Book a meeting with our team of mobility strategists to find out how our solutions can support your organisation.

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