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November 27, 2023

Liftango announces the next major product features and enhancements in “Abrazo” product release

Liftango is very pleased to announce the next major product release “Abrazo” for its Carpool, On Demand and Fixed Routes Apps.

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Edinburgh, UK, - Liftango is very pleased to announce the next major product release “Abrazo” for its Carpool, On Demand and Fixed Routes Apps. Along with new features, this release also includes several security and performance enhancements for users. Abrazo is the culmination of work over several months within Liftango’s product, platform, security and customer engineering teams.

QR Code Integrations

  • QR code integration and validation was enabled on a network level using Ticketer. The QR codes can generate tickets on board.

Performance Improvements Simple Inserts

  • The new Simple Inserts functionality was enabled for all our customers. This greatly improves rider matching and the number of rides given.

Performance Improvements Payments and Parking

  • Performance enhancements were made to Parking and Payment services. They also allow multiple networks to share a payment gateway.

Security Enhancements

  • Additional security measures are now in place to better prevent cyber attacks and content spoofing.
  • Liftango obtained ISO27001 certification and completed the UK Cyber Essentials benchmark.

Private Hubs

  • A new hub type called ‘private’ was added and implemented to restrict the access to certain hubs. This ensures that only passengers with access to the hub will be able to see and use it in the app. 

Multi Operator

  • This feature allows a user to book trips under multiple networks in a product. For example, if a company uses our app, an employee can use it at any of the company’s locations around the world. A user can have a single payment method linking them to each network.

Increased Seat and Capacity

  • The max vehicle seat capacity was raised for all Fixed Route applications to accommodate larger buses.  

ADA Ops Portal

  • ADA passengers now have a greater booking date window than non-ADA passengers for accommodation and ease of access.

Service Optimiser

  • New features within our simulation tools that better optimise services, simulate real time performance, and increase utilisation across transport solutions.

Liftango CTO, David Butler, “Abrazo expands Liftango’s technology to provide important new features for our Public and Mobility clients. What’s been great about the work over the summer is the engagement we have had from a number of clients on how they would like our product to help solve their real world challenges. In addition to these features we have also completed a large amount of security and performance work that has yielded some fantastic real world results. Simple Inserts particularly has increased occupancy on vehicles for some of our busiest clients, which is a fantastic result."

About Liftango

Liftango offers a route to a sustainable and climate-positive future by advising cities, organisations, and fleet operators on how to plan, launch and scale their shared mobility programs.

Through a single technological platform, we improve organisations’ ability to monitor and optimise vehicle movements in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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