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Corporate Transport
October 2, 2023

Managing Scope 3 Emissions Amid Drive Towards Return to Office Policies

As companies plan to implement return-to-office policies we explore how it is possible to ensure this doesn't result in a surge in Scope 3 emissions.

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According to a recent survey a huge 90% of companies plan to implement return-to-office policies by the end of 2024 with 30% of businesses saying they will threaten to fire employees who don’t comply.

This renewed push comes from CEOs who openly disdain the remote working model arguing that productivity, collaboration and employee engagement all suffer.

Whether you are for or against return-to-office policies, one negative impact is it will lead to more cars on the road resulting in greater congestion and emissions.  This will inevitably impact a company's Scope 3 emissions.

One of the solutions to minimise the environmental impact of return-to-office policies companies can implement is a carpool scheme. A straight forward, easy-to-use platform will help encourage and manage shared commutes into the office.  

Liftango partners, Commutifi and Parkable, also have solutions to help companies implementing return-to-office schemes to better manage commutes and on-site parking.

Parkable is the easiest way to improve staff and tenant parking, reduce time spent on admin, increase car park occupancy.

Commutifi is a commute management and data automation platform for the modern world, with a five step process to commute optimisation. 

Find out how Liftango and our partners can help with your return to office headaches here.

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About the Author

Jacob Greig

Jacob Greig


Jacob is the Chief Commercial Officer at Liftango and founded our operations in the US, launching many new services in the region. He is a devoted Dad to his young son and works out of his home in beautiful Costa Rica.