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May 31, 2022

Pharmaserv and Liftango Team Up To Solve Parking Issues In Marburg

Liftango has implemented its climate-positive carpooling platform to resolve Pharmaserv's parking issues across their 67.4-hectare site.

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MARBURG, GERMANY - Pharmaserv, owner of the Behringwerke site in Marburg, Germany, has enlisted the help of on-demand shared transport company, Liftango, to resolve parking issues across their 67.4-hectare site.

There is around 6,000 staff employed at the park by internationally successful pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including the world's largest COVID vaccine production facility.

Liftango has implemented its climate-positive carpooling platform to improve the commute experience and alleviate the pressure on parking infrastructure.

“We chose Liftango because of their ability to help us utilise our existing parking infrastructure more efficiently, reduce traffic density on-site and minimise the environmental impact of employees driving to work. Through Liftango’s platform, we are able to issue exclusive parking to people who carpool, thus saving time looking for parking. In addition, the operations data provided gives us valuable insights to monitor and manage a successful program,” said Elisa Fritsch, Site Services at Pharmaserv.

Pharmaserv provides site management, technical and logistical services at the Behringwerke site. The industrial park contains 200 buildings with a net floor space of 300,000 square metres. There are more than 80,000 square metres of parking space which will be used to expand production facilities. So instead of significantly increasing its investment in parking infrastructure, Pharmaserv has opted for a more sustainable choice.

Through Liftango’s climate-positive carpooling platform, Pharmaserv is committing to reduce the reliance on single-occupancy vehicles travelling to Behringwerke and provide a seamless and efficient option for the many staff on site.

In addition to real-time carpooling allowing staff to connect with others on-site for their commute, Liftango will offset the vehicle emissions of every carpool trip made.

“Helping organisations sustainably manage their commute challenges is why we built this platform. Our solutions support organisations in removing stressful commutes for their employees, strengthening their connectivity and improving productivity. Our partnership with Pharmaserv speaks to this capability. We look forward to supporting a diverse range of employers' needs at the Behringwerke industrial park site,” said Liftango’s Head of Europe, David Mawhinney.

Launched on the 1st of May 2022, Liftango’s carpooling platform operates on a private network exclusive to Pharmserv's Behringwerke industrial park. The on-demand shared transport company has established five carpooling locations across the site, allowing carpoolers to match with people from their organisation or others across the park. Users can also send private ride requests to friends or known colleagues, making it much easier to find a carpool.

Liftango has successfully implemented corporate mobility programs, including climate-positive carpooling platforms, across cities, business parks, universities, and corporate campuses. They have helped establish a free city-wide carpooling network in the greater metro area of Vancouver, Canada, for Translink, created a multi-campus corporate carpooling solution for Tesla in the US, and have carpooling programs at various universities across the globe.

Following these achievements, Liftango brings its expertise to the Behringwerke deployment to reduce parking pressure in a sustainable data-driven way and allow more employees to benefit from seamless and reliable transport for their daily commute.


About Liftango

We provide cities, organisations, and fleet operators with the knowledge to positively impact people’s lives by improving access to shared, connected and sustainable transportation. Our technology makes the best use of vehicle capacity while giving passengers the freedom to travel the way they want to.

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About Pharmaserv

Pharmaserv is the site manager of the Behringwerke site in Marburg, Germany. Currently, around 6,000 people work at the site across internationally successful pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaserv also takes care of site management, infrastructure and energy supply, offers comprehensive technical services and has its own brand for pharmaceutical logistics, Pharmaserv Logistics.

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