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July 5, 2021

Rapid deployment process

Check out our Rapid Deployment Case Study with Translink Vancouver and the Australian National University for a deployment process proven through crisis.

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Both University and City needed a carpool solution in under 48 hours. 40 new networks were created. Both clients continued the service after the crisis period. Here’s how we did it.

Australian National University

Hail as big as golf balls and ferocious winds of up to 117 kilometres per hour, smashed windows, dented cars and localised flooding. In the city of Canberra, around 20,000 cars were reported with hail damage. Students and staff had few commute options. Cars were damaged, some public transport was at a halt, and riding or walking options were too unsafe.

ANU was quick to act in contacting Liftango. And Liftango reciprocated with an emergency transport plan. That students and staff whose cars were not damaged had the ability to transport other students to campus, using the Liftango carpooling app.

In 48 hours, Liftango:
  • Developed a transport plan
  • Created a carpooling network solely for ANU students and staff
  • Created marketing and communications materials

Translink Vancouver

In the City of Vancouver, transport operators were entering strike, for an unprecedented amount of time. With no end date in sight, this would leave thousands of commuters stranded to get into the already jam packed city. Translink Vancouver contacted Liftango for an immediate solution, to supply their city with a carpool program.

Liftango proposed a city-wide carpooling program. This allowed business and universities to sign up themselves to the program and have carpoolers match within their own network or publically.

In 48 hours, Liftango:
  • Developed a transport solution for a city
  • Created over 40 networks including businesses, and universities
  • Vancouver Metro branded app
  • Creating Metro Vancouver marketing materials, custom website and materials

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