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November 13, 2023

TeuBus, Brazil

Discover how this on-demand transport service in Cachoeirinha, Brazil quickly climbed to 8,000 users just weeks after launch.

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At A Glance

Transbus wanted to replace an underperforming fixed route service with a new demand-responsive service to compete with private ride-hailing services in the area. Liftango developed TeuBus, a white-labelled transport platform and app, to provide the citizens of Cachoeirinha with a more convenient way to travel.

The Challenge

The city of Cachoeirinha was looking for a solution to meet the demand of a group that was not served by regular public transportation. This group chose not to use fixed/regular lines and ended up using individual ride-hailing apps (Uber, 99) to get around. Operators, Transbus, were looking for a solution to work alongside the public transport service and provide a more convenient way for the citizens to travel.

The Solution

After a review of various options, Transbus chose Liftango as a stand out platform due to its solid database, capacity for customisation, operational flexibility, intuitive user interface, freedom in choosing areas of operation and its commitment to innovation in public transport. The resulting solution is an efficient fully-digital service with the ability to set service shift, manage fleet operations and administer booking requests.

The solution provides an on-demand transportation service (DRT) throughout the day, with a fixed price per passenger throughout the Cachoeirinha metropolitan region, with HUBs at points with the highest concentration of people in the city.

TeuBus’ on-demand service runs in conjunction with the existing fixed-route operation that spans 32 buses across the city, and is a direct solution to compete with private ride-hailing services in the area. TeuBus has been launched as a door-to-door service around the city, charging the same fare as the regular service but offering increased flexibility and comfort for passengers. The TeuBus service currently has: 

- 6 vehicles each with 24 standard seats and 1 wheelchair seat 

- All-day availability on working days (from 05:40 to 20:20)

- Service for the entire Cachoeirinha metropolitan region

- Fixed price of R$ 6.25 per passenger

The Results

The service launch has been a huge success with 8,000 users reached within a matter of weeks. On average 220 journeys are completed per day with an average of 228 passengers with the 6 vehicles traveling an average of 868 km per day between them.

It is planned to increase the number of vehicles to meet the growing demand as the service is attracting more and more users all the time. Due to the success of Teubus, Transbus also plans to provide on-demand transport services in other cities and locations, even where it doesn’t currently operate.

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