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Monash University Case Study: Removing Paper Parking Permits

Learn how Monash University, Pay by Phone and Liftango collaborated to remove the need for paper permits.

Apr 9, 2020
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Brittany D
Monash University Case Study: Removing Paper Parking Permits

At a glance.

University Size
Single Sign-On:
with Monash Intranet
Parking integration:
Pay By Phone

In July, 2019 Liftango was approached by Monash University to deploy a solution to remove the ‘paper permit’, and work alongside Pay By Phone, to integrate seamlessly with their current payment system. As a result, Monash has obtained the greatest user uptake of all Liftango clients since inception. They have reached the largest number of users six (6) times faster than the closest client as a direct result of the smart parking integration and discounted parking.

The Problem.

With a current program already in place, and congestion on all Monash campuses at an all-time high, the following issues had to be worked out:

  • With a resource-heavy paper permit system - it was difficult to validate these carpools, how could they ensure they were actually occurring?
  • Their new solution would have to be able to integrate with the current Pay By Phone parking system
  • Monash staff and students would need to log in using Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Ensure a high uptake of the carpooling system

The Solution.

The main challenge was to create a framework that supported third-party parking solutions. This led to the creation of an event-driven elastic infrastructure, enabling smart parking integration. By providing a push API, parking partners have little to no development requirements. This means Liftango takes on all the heavy lifting. Creating a powerful carpooling incentive that utilised existing parking software to drive uptake for clients.

The Results.

  • Removal of all paper parking carpool permits
  • 6x faster uptake of users than all other Liftango Clients
  • Free parking for validated carpoolers during launch period
  • Integration between Pay by Phone (smart parking provider), Monash University (SSO integration), Liftango (carpool and parking validation)


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