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July 8, 2021


Learn about the remote deployment of a demand-responsive shuttle service mid-pandemic.

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  • Howick and Eastern (Transdev) operated On-Demand shuttle collaboration
  • Point to Hub configuration
  • Provide commuter services for Half Moon Bay and Howick areas within Auckland, New Zealand
  • Serving approx 40,000 residents in Half Moon Bay and surrounding suburbs
  • Technology configuration, deployment and training delivered completely online

MyMobigo is a On-Demand Shuttle Service providing commuters with a convenient way to connect to the Half Moon Bay Marina and ferries—making it an easier commute to the city. The service is operated by Transdev subsidiary Howick and Eastern, a local bus operator that has serviced the area since 1939.

The Problem

Half Moon Bay Marina is a main commute hub, providing ferry services to the CBD for commuters. The main fixed-route bus service connecting to the ferries was discontinued in October 2020. This left residents reliant on Public Transport travelling to and from Auckland CBD without a reliable alternative to make their journey.

The Solution

In consultation with Auckland Transport, a demand-responsive service zone was established to maximise coverage and allow for demand consolidation to create a first-mile, last-mile service to and from the ferry.

Service hours were defined to ensure peak demand period serviceability seven days a week and a fleet of two Mercedes Benz Sprinters were deployed to the area.

Passengers can book trips via a smartphone App or through the dedicated Call Centre by speaking to a trained operator.

Liftango in collaboration with the Transdev Australasian Communications team was commissioned with the development and management of the service website, which can be seen here.

The Results

  • 80% of passengers are booking ‘true’ On-Demand the day of travel
  • All other bookings are between 1-4 days in advance
  • Peak travel times are at 7am and 6pm
  • Expanded the service zone in February 2021 to increase coverage to the surrounding suburbs
  • Improved access to healthcare, retail and essential services by adding a commute hub at Howick Village


MyMobigo launched in November 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore the service operated in limited capacity during the temporary stay-at-home lockdowns. During this time, the flexibility and responsiveness of the Liftango technology enabled the operations team at Howick and Eastern to closely control the service parameters and ensure passenger safety throughout the lockdowns.

Ongoing passenger and location based surveys uncovered the opportunity to expand the service, resulting in extending the operating zone to the southeast as well as the introduction of the new pick up hub location at Howick Village.

COVID-19 related travel restrictions meant the technology and operations teams saw the configuration, deployment and training programs being delivered in a 100% online only digital environment. This meant the entire driver and Call Centre training was delivered online through a series of live digital training weeks.

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